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ReThink3R aims at organizing interdisciplinary workshops focusing on the 3Rs using Design Thinking methods.

The 3R principle

The 3R principle (Replace, Reduce and Refine) describes interventions for replacing animal experiments by alternative methods, for reducing the numbers of animals and for refining animal experiments in order to reduce animal suffering.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an innovation method that helps to find practical and user-centred solutions in an effective team-work setting.

Our Vision

We believe that the combination of 3R with Design Thinking is a very effective approach to discuss the emotionally charged topic of animal experiments, to transfer the knowledge about the 3R principle, to work on innovative solutions for their implementation and train the competences required for a change within the scientific community.

What did participants say?


> 94 said
"I loved the interactivity of the course"
> 18 said
"The interviews with people outside the course were a great experience"
> 36 said
"In the end we really had created results that we were proud of!"
90 %
Are interested in a follow-up of this course (if applicable)


Recent News, Activities, Workshops

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